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What we believe

We believe in doing business like there is a tomorrow, in businesses with a conscience. We believe in the marketplace and stewarding a new economy that makes it a point to give back to our communities and the world.

What we do

Villages Connected International (VCI) is a ground-breaking social enterprise that brings for-profit companies and African communities together in mutually beneficial partnerships of change.

VCI makes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) an experience rather than a discipline.

We have created an easily accessible vehicle that gives companies access to CSR activities in Africa.


Our activities make CSR both visible and viable and create measurable, sustainable impacts within the communities we work.

With VCI’s transparent CSR model, companies, employees and stakeholders experience social change as it happens.

VCI assists African communities in marketing their regions & opportunities to the outside world, garner support & investments for sustainable micro-businesses and showcase the impact such investments have in the community.

By growing their businesses, Africans can rid themselves from dependency, grow strong economies and contribute to the global economy.



Our Method

VCI combines media, marketing and micro-financing to create mutually beneficial partnerships between companies and developing communities that harness the positive power of enterprise.

The unique vehicle that VCI created to make this possible is media and micro-finance co-operatives in the developing world. We establish and equip these co-operatives with media equipment & Internet and train a select group of qualified citizens with the necessary skills in video production and micro-financing.

Micro-entrepreneurs interested in starting innovative businesses or who want to expand their current businesses become a member of the local co-operative, apply for funding and are assessed.


Once approved these entrepreneurs receive ongoing business and marketing support from VCI and its co-operatives.

VCI then give companies the opportunity to invest directly in these qualified African micro-entrepreneurs with technologically innovative businesses. As these innovative businesses grow and lives are changed, a team of local video journalists document both the social and environmental impact the company’s CSR investments have in the community.

These stories of change, directly from the people impacted, not only show the impact of the company’s CSR activities in Africa, it also give stakeholders, employees and consumers the opportunity to actually experience the change created. Transparency at its best!



Contact form

    Contact us

    Want to create a positive impact? VCI is interested in connecting with companies, their leaders and employees that believe in using their skills and networks to create good where it is needed most.

    Want to work with us? Do you want to join our team, our board of directors, or do an internship with VCI? We are always looking for talented boys & girls!

    Like what we are doing? Want to become involved in the great work we are doing or just want to chat about things that matter? We would love to hear from you!

    Our address

    In 2011 we have set up our first co-operative in the beautiful city of Fort Portal, Uganda - please see the map below. We are looking forward to keep creating viable and visible change in Africa with you.

    • Tel: +1 (250) 619-3157
    • Head Office: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
    • African Office: Fort Portal, Kabarole District, Western Region, Uganda

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